Pink Lemonade Bar Cookies

Gathering the supplies to bake something in my kitchen is always an Adventure. If it had a name (and Adventures usually do), it would be something like “The Continuing Adventures of Foodicus Moldicus, or This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things During Summertime“.  I’ll buy fruit on Tuesday with the intention of making it into something tasty on Friday. By Thursday, it belongs to the mould.

I made bread two days ago. It’s the mould’s now.

What I am saying is, my kitchen needs a good scrub down with vinegar to kill whatever invisible mould keeps on eating my food before I can, and groceries like that need to be almost immediately used.

So I’ve been going on to my friends for weeks at this point about these Pink Lemonade Bars. About how good they look, and how I can imagine them in my mouth being delicious and how if I can not eat these I will die. And at almost every turn I am thwarted by buying groceries and then not getting to the baking part quick enough so my lemons and my raspberries end up in the trash.

But these lemon bars, they look like the most delicious thing on the planet, and before I go further, I should furnish you with two lists. Here is a short list of things I like to eat:

  1. Lemons
  2. Lemonade
  3. Raspberry/Strawberry/etc lemonade

And now a short list of things I do not like to eat:

  1. Lemon cookies
  2. Lemon bars
  3. Lemon-scented Pledge

But by god these bars looked amazing and I have to make them. So off to the grocery store it is, and I will report back in a couple months when I’ve finally remembered to make them!

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