A Knitting Gauge is a Funny Thing

I’m a serial project starter. I love new projects! There’s so much hope when you start a new project, like you have an exciting blank slate. (For the record, I feel the same way about starting new notebooks and new pens and the like. Blank page! Brand new pen! Things are going to be awesome.) But this means that I end up with lots of started projects and not very many finished projects.

I’ve gone and given myself a goal. Or a rule. Or a hellish restriction that I’ve already failed at least once.

No more new projects.


Because that is how many unfinished projects I have.

This means I’m going back and finding old projects to work on, and I’m learning a lot about the sort of knitter I used to be. It turns out, I did not learn how to knit and then stagnate the way that I sort of always thought that I have! I have been improving all along. I think. Here is what I have learned about myself:

I used to knit really really loosely.

I mean really loosely. I mean looser than your mom loosely. My gauge from 2009 is so wildly different from my gauge from 2012 that I’m not so sure that the same person is actually knitting these socks. They’re supposed to be knit on 2.5mm needles. I am pretty sure I was knitting them on 2.5mm needles. And yet, the needles that I have to use now to get the same size?







How is this even a thing.

A dark and light blue sock made of yarn.

Seriously. Size 1 to size 3 needles. How am I knitting two sizes tighter now??

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