Here, let me tell you a story…

I have thought long and hard about what I should post for the first post to my new blog.  I wanted it to be perfect.  To set the tone for the posts to come and to give me a good jumping off point into each of the sections I want to make.

Of course, I also wanted to keep my brother’s three-wheeler when I was thirteen, but my parents sold it anyway.

So here I am, forcing myself to make a first post just because the page has been empty for so long I’m starting to get twitchy about expectations and wasting my money and all that rot.  Originally, I intended this to be a knitting and spinning blog, to accompany the store I’m hoping to set up at some point.  But the more I thought about it, the more I kept going, “Oh, but I want to post about this!  And this!  And this too!”

Eventually, I realized that the easiest way to deal with all my wants was to separate the blog into sections, with the main blog having everything, and then there being a separate collection/tag and link for the knitting and spinning, for the computers and technology, for the homesteading, for the writing, for whatever else I suddenly decide I need to post that doesn’t mesh with any of those things.

As though I have a life beyond those things.

So here goes my grand experiment, my attempt to keep up with a blog even though I’ve never been able to do that before.  Come stay a spell, and  I promise I’ll try to keep petri dishes out of the fridge and strange liquids out of the tub.

The apple trees are blossoming in my parents' backyard.

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